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Empire Impact Your World is a give-back programe that is set to uplift our unsung heroes, impacting their lives from the street to King and Queen. We are using our first of its kind Empire Tour Bus to reach out to them on the street and giving them a memorable day with a powerful makeover they never expected, to put smiles on their faces as we help them boost their businesses with start up funds; moving them from hawking on the street to shop or store owners.
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Wherever our Tour Bus goes, we're impacting lives

This humanitarian activity has created a remarkable experience for our beneficiaries as Empire impact your world has put an end to their poor economic situations; not being able to support their families wellbeing, put food on their kids table and as well support their school fees. With these kind gestures, the entire community wins.
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Send Donation

These petty traders each got from ₦25,000 - ₦100,000 to grow their businesses
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Become A Volunteer

Whether you're into Comedy, Dance, Fashion, Catering... You can make an impact
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Empowerment on wheels. Wherever our Tour Bus goes, we're touching lives

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Wherever our Tour Bus goes, we're impacting worlds

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