Car Repair

So your car is making a noise. You’ve been hearing it and hoping it goes away, but after a week and a few sleepless nights, you’ve decided that it’s finally time to get it checked out. You have two options in this instance: you could Google “mechanics near me” and try to find one that seems legitimate, or you could come to StreetGodz.

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Street Godz

You see, we specialize in German automobiles. We’ve dedicated ourselves to learning everything about them, from the paint on the exterior right down to all the inner workings. You may say we are German car whisperers.

If you go to the mechanic down the street, you’ll probably find yourself with sub par service and a patch job repair that will last you, hmmm...maybe a couple weeks before that noise, the bane of your existence, starts up again. That’s a cycle we’re sure you don’t want to get stuck in. So if you’ve got a car of German descent, skip the stress and just come straight to us. We know how your car works, and we’ll get to the bottom of your mysterious noise in no time with a solution that actually works.

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